~ Botched ~



Botch – to patch clumsily. Bungle. Do poor work. To ruin. To go horribly wrong.




What you see above are definitions found in dictionaries to define the word “botch”. The reason for highlighting this word is, because it’s far past time for states to stop getting away with the simple answer of “the execution was not botched”. Of course, we know states aren’t going to admit to doing anything wrong, but the least they can do is, explain to the public what their definition of botched is. Or, would it turn into a game of semantics as former President Clinton displayed when being questioned about interactions with Monica Lewinsky. He stated (with a straight face), “that depends on what your definition of “is” is.” Well, we know what the definition of botched is, let’s have the state’s explanation have theirs.


Those states that persist in murdering in the name of justice should not be allowed to operate in the shadows. The claim to be murdering in the name of the people to get justice. Well, they should have to answer to the people, instead of giving them outright lies, and half-truths. So, start asking the states the question, “What is their definition of botched?”


Most states in the business of murdering its citizens under the guise of justice will not release their killing protocols, not even to the people who name that they’re murdering in. However, it has become public knowledge that those states with a three-drug protocol go in the order of sedative, paralytic, and the killer. If, any one of those three drugs fail to do what it is designated to do, or what the states do diligently argue it will do, then something has gone wrong, horribly. BOTCHED! Whenever there’s a deviation from a set plan, something has gone wrong. BOTCHED! Of course, emergency work can be done to try to salvage the end result, but that will not change the fact that it was BOTCHED!


The State of Oklahoma has such a protocol (three drugs), and that’s what they called themselves using, when they tortured Clayton Locket to death in 2014. After the sedative (Midazolam) was administered and his would be murderers had “declared him unconscious”, Mr. Lockett writhed against his restraints, talked to his assassins, explaining to them (just in case that fact was lost on them) that the drugs weren’t working , and he was in excruciating pain. What should not be lost is that, once they saw something was going wrong from the very start they should have stopped, but they just didn’t care. All that mattered was the end result. Have the State of Oklahoma explain, “What their definition of botched is.”!


The State of Alabama also has a three-drug murdering mechanism in its arsenal. When they used it to murder Christopher Eugene Brooks, he gasped and clinched his hands, even after the sedative (Midazolam) was administered, and he was given a consciousness test. The clinching of his hands was a sign that he was in pain, horrible pain. They botched his murder!


The State of Alabama once again tried using its three-drug torture chamber, to murder Ronald Bert Smith Jr. Their experiment only got worse. After being mentally tortured by the United States Supreme Court, it was the State of Alabama’s turn to physically torture Ronald Bert Smith Jr. After the sedative (Midazolam) was administered, Mr. Smith was given not one, but two consciousness tests. Now, let’s stop there for a minute, and employ our common sense. One consciousness test is all that’s needed, if the sedative has worked as the (the state) says it will. A second consciousness test means something was going wrong! The sedative had not sedated as they said it would. It also means, more of the sedative was administered, which is a deviation from the known part of Alabama’s protocol. BOTCHED! Even after two doses of the sedative, and two consciousness tests, Ronald Bert Smith Jr. was seen by witnesses to be clenching his fist, and was apparently struggling for breath, as he heaved and coughed for about 13 minutes. BOTCHED!


When the State of Arizona tortured Joseph Rudolph Woods to death that should have been the end of capital punishment in the United States, because the 8th amendment prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment”. A witness to Mr. Woods’ torture reported more than 640 gasps, as Mr. Woods convulsed on his tormentors gurney for more than an hour and a half, before being declared assassinated. BOTCHED! And the United States Supreme Court didn’t do or say a thing. If that was not cruel and unusual, then maybe we should also be asking the United States Supreme Court, “What is their definition of cruel and unusual?!” They would probably just both that, too!


Please, be inquisitive, be informed, and be active. Get in the fight to end the heinous, atrocious, torturous, cruel and unusual punishment of the death penalty.




Be Blessed and Ask the Questions,


Maximus Strong