Delusion, blunder, fault; see ERROR, MISTAKE 2, Misunderstanding


All of that, defines your judgment, if you’re under the impression “A HUMAN life, is far more worth than an animal’s!” Well, at least that’s how it seems in the USA! I’ve watched news broadcasts where I’ve seen hordes of people take to the streets about dog fighting, and any other form of mistreatment deemed cruel and unusual to animals. However, Oklahoma tortured a man (A HUMAN BEING) for 43 minutes in what is known as a “botched execution”. Botched – to bungle, to patch clumsily. What happened in Oklahoma’s murder chamber to Clayton Locket could and should never be termed “botched”. That man (HUMAN BEING), was tortured and it was cruel and unusual! Yet, no hordes of people took to marching in the streets. Michael Vick, was arrested, prosecuted, and sent to prison for his part in a dog fighting ring. Justice! Hold up though, we have to make room for the hordes of people, who took to the streets calling for blood! They wanted this man to pay for hurting those animals, and when he did, that still wasn’t enough … they didn’t want him to be able to go back to his job (which puts food on his table, a roof over his children’s heads, and clothes them). America, has become the great states of too much! Recently, I read an article in the newspaper (Anniston Star), and the headline read “Dog that mauled 4-year-old spared”. Oh, not only was the dog spared, but it managed to touch off a polarizing internet debate on mercy, blame, and animal violence. Clayton Locket’s torture touched off a minute debate about secrecy act bills, finding new drugs to continue murdering in the death houses, blaming abolitionist for the difficulty in finding those drugs (in the first place), and finding new methods of torture if need be. What was not, and continues to not be a part of that minute debate, was mercy for a human being! The article went on to say that, Judge Deborah Griffith ruled Mickey (the dog’s name) must be neutered, defanged, and microchipped. She declared the dog vicious, and could have ordered euthanasia. Then, she was quoted as saying, “There would be absolutely no possibility of the animal ever doing this to someone again”, and “the dog must remain in a facility for the rest of its life.” It’s so sad that, in this day and age an animal is afforded more mercy, and compassion than a human being. If only Clayton Locket, and the thousands of other men and women who were tortured to death had Judge Deborah Griffith ruling in their cases. Maybe, they would’ve received the same life without parole sentence that, Mickey the dog received.


It’s not too late, US Supreme Court, for all of you to show the same mercy for “HUMAN BEINGs” that, Judge Griffith showed for, “MICKEY THE DOG”.


Anthony Boyd


Dear Oppose Family,

A dear friend of one of our group members shared the following photos, and the speech given by Pope Francis during his visit to the community of Sant Egidio in Rome, and we wanted to share them with you. Please, enjoy and take the message into your hearts.

Be blessed,
The Oppose staff

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