A Jury of Your Peers


I was pleased to see SCOTUS rule in Tyrone Foster’s favor in the Georgia case involving the exclusion of black jurors. This case proves that racial bias permeates all things in the south. Often you can learn a great deal from the courts dissenting opinion, just as you can from the ruling opinion when you don’t agree with it. The justices reveal their motives, agendas, and prejudices in their opinions.


Justice Thomas revealed a little bit of his character in this case. One reason he gave for not wishing to further investigate Mr. Foster’s case was that it could open the door for other inmates to make similar claims. He didn’t say that it wasn’t a valid claim, just that in the future someone could make a, let’s say less valid, claim. This is equivalent to agreeing that racial bias exists, but not allowing anyone to argue that racial bias played a role in their trial, because someone “could” potentially abuse the precedent in the future. How about this Justice Thomas, try deciding a case based on its own merits and not on what your crystal ball tells you might happen. There is a clear pattern of racial bias, not just in GA, and not just with juries, so I hope you are correct and many more cases that hinge or race come to light.


The other reason that Justice Thomas gives that further proves his “mental incompetence” is that this man, or this case, does not deserve further review at this point. Keep in mind that cases don’t get to the Supreme Court without first going through the lower courts and that the highest court in the land serves as a safety net to protect our constitutional rights. This alone should nullify any argument that it’s too late in the game for the Supreme Court to step in. When you take into account the prosecutors’ reluctance to divulge their own incriminating files, as well as the years of legal proceedings that inmates must endure before they can even raise these issues, you can’t blame them for the delays.


No, he didn’t say that the claims weren’t valid, how could he? He just didn’t want this man to make them, so he raises some very invalid points to fight in. This is the very definition of covert racism, and it has no place in 2016.


Yes, Justice Thomas was outvoted by all seven justices, and that’s because he was wrong.


Just wanted to point that out.