U.S. Supreme Court strikes down buffer zone around abortion clinics

I ask that, you please not assume this article will be about me choosing sides in the abortion debate. Nooo, this article will just be me doing what I do, “pointing out the inconsistencies of the American (in-)justice system”.

As the attorneys for death row inmates continue to fight for information about the drugs being used in executions, more and more states are entrenching themselves behind “Secrecy Act laws”, to hide all of their misdeeds, and they’re being backed up by the highest court in the land … the U.S. Supreme Court. A court that, just removed buffer zones around abortion clinics. here’s what “All Nine (9) Justices” agreed upon … “that the no-talking, and no-standing zones surrounding the entrances to abortion facilities in Massachusetts were unconstitutional and unnecessary. They also said, “that cities and states have ample power to prevent or arrest protesters.” So, I ask, what makes pharmaceutical companies dealing death drugs so special? What makes them exempt from being protested against? As the justices said, cities and states have ample power to prevent, or arrest protesters who are obstructing clinics or harassing patients. So, shouldn’t the same hold true for people protesting the pharmaceutical companies invested in dealing death drugs to states to use in their houses of death!? If, people want to protest pharmaceutical companies for their part in an execution then they should be allowed to do so, just as the people protesting abortion clinics are allowed to do (and without a buffer zone now).
Questions for you … How many pharmaceutical companies have you heard about being blown up? How many pharmaceutical reps, and staff have you heard about being killed, because they supplied the murder states with drugs to carry out their crimes against humanity? Now, how many abortion clinics have been attacked, blow up, and doctors and staff inured, or killed? My point exactly!! Yet, the U.S. Supreme Court sees fit to have a hand in protecting these death dealing pharmaceutical companies from unfounded threats, but made vulnerable abortion clinics, who have documented proof of being attacked.

That’s the U.S. justice system at its best though. Always protecting the “have’s”, and leaving he “have not’s” vulnerable!

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. had this nugget of information to pass on … “The police appear perfectly capable of singling out lawbreakers.” So, does that mean, the doesn’t believe the police can do the same job, when it comes to them protecting those death dealing pharmaceutical companies from any protesters? or, is this just another case of politics, as usual?!


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