Anti – one who is opposed. opposite in kind, position, or action. Opposing: hostile toward. counteractive. preventive of: curative of.



With all of the press surrounding the problems with the death penalty in the United States, you would think the outcry from Anti-Death Penalty Groups would be shaking the halls of injustice. Instead, states continue to push forward with trying to keep their killing machines up and running. More states are moving towards trying to end this farce of justice, and the courts are finally taking notice. Still, the outcry is but whisper. Conservatives are even speaking out against the death penalty now. No, not because of moral reasoning, but they’re speaking out just the same, while the outcry from Anti-Death Penalty Groups remain but a whisper. Torturing its own citizens to death (not even the innocent) moves conservatives to do the right thing, but dollar signs will. The ones who have come out against the death penalty haven’t done so, because it’s immoral, racist, unjust, ant not a deterrent, but because they see it’s not fiscally responsible. Still, the outcry from the “true” Anti’s is but a whisper. Our collective voices need to be heard. Our collective voices could, and would truly make a difference. If we’re all fighting for one cause, why can’t we all fight together? That’s if you’re truly in this fight! That’s if you’re truly in this fight to win and bring about change! Or, are you a part of something just because it looks good on paper … on your résumé!? Or is it your way of being able to say, I did my part!? We’ve asked, and we’ve offered … let’s all pool our voices and resources! Let’s take the fight to the other side now, instead of sitting back, waiting for the next person to be tortured, or the next innocent person to be murdered in the state’s death houses. We’ve started campaigns that could effect change, because we all know, for the states, if it don’t make dollars, then it don’t make sense. Revenge will have to take a back seat to that! Join us!


Be blessed,

Anthony Boyd

last update: 04/19/2015