The Face of Reality

The little girl portrays the sweetest smile, and cutest pigtails. When she speaks, she’s so polite, and sweet. To be around her is a delight. She brightens ones day simply for she brings a smile to all who are blessed to meet her. The sad truth is the secrets in which she keeps within.

For what we don’t see, this poor girl faces the darkest abuse one could begin to imagine. The closest people to her have led her to believe it’s her fault she gets physically and mentally abused. She is forced to believe if she tells anyone more and much worse abuse will be enforced.

Deep inside she hates herself. Eventually she turns to alcohol and drugs. Men use and abuse her due to her lack of respect for herself. People look at her behavior as her just being rebellious.

The little boy portrays the meanest grin along with his shaggy hair-do. When he speaks he is so blunt to the point one would consider him disrespectful. People avoid him for to be around him brings fear. Once again the sad truth is the secrets in which he keeps within.

One parent abandoned him while the other blames him for the departure. He faces daily physical and mental abuse. Witnesses the house where he lives become the hang out for drug addicts and drug dealers. He says nothing due to the fact society has already written him off as an outcast. So what’s the point.

Another child grows up without the ability to have that connection with anyone. Turns to a life of crime or lashing out hurting others without a care for he cares nothing for life.

This beautiful woman who had a lovely childhood meets the man of her dreams. They marry each other. To see her in public one could fall in love with her smile, her friendly humorous, generous personality. She would do anything to help anyone who needs help. Oh, but the secrets again.

The stress of life, paying bills, keeping up the house, cooking and trying to please the man she thought was from her dreams who turned out to be a monster from a nightmare. She’s raped and forced to do things he wants, that she doesn’t want to do. She does them out of fear for she remembers how strong he is, the abusive beatings he loves to give her.

However when she tries to receive help she is blamed or other yell at her and instead of helping, lean toward controlling her instead. She seeks relief or personal escape in other ways. Then when things get out of hand everyone abandons her.

There’s a handsome gentleman. Works hard to provide for his wife and children. Like any real man, there’s absolutely nothing he won’t do for his family. He respects all who he sees. He is generous and very sincere.

Here again the stress of life becomes more than he can handle. I seems all he does for his family is never enough. Wife is being unfaithful. Long story short, he becomes a person no one can reach. No one tries to make an effort to get him the proper help he needs for no one really knows how to help. The things get out of hand and people want to only look at what he is accused of and place judgment on him and decide the fate of his life.

Of course we all face the daily struggles of everyday life. By no means am I saying these struggles justify or are an adequate excuse for one’s behavior. I’m simply stating that as a society we fail to understand the true meaning of understanding people as individuals for who they are.

We as society are quick to judge or form an opinion about others from their financial stand point or culture or where they live or how they dress or whatever.

I end this with two questions.

1. How do you thing you would or could handle being abandoned being abused physically or mentally day in day out being made felt like you’re nothing that everything that has happened to you is your fault having absolutely no one to turn to simply wrote off from the day you were born?

To the few who have overcome this, I applaud you. I just hope you haven’t forgotten what it’s like and left others behind.

2. Do we really have the right to place judgment and decide one’s fate or even decide if a person should live or die if only a few can really relate and understand what it really feels like to face and endure any of this?

The face of reality is very few if anyone will even think twice about any of this. Therefore nothing will ever be done or changed. The ignorance of being silent or thinking that none of this has anything to do with you only allows the problem to continue. This making you become the face of this dark reality.

Be blessed my dear brothers and sisters. Stay Strong!!

No Name Needed!