That’s Absurd


“And Pilate answered and said again unto them, what will ye then that I shall do unto him … And they cried out again, crucify him. Then Pilate said unto them, why, what evil hath he done? And they cried out the more exceedingly, crucify him.”

Mark 15:12-14

What is it that gives man such a zeal to murder? Guilt or innocence seems to be a non-factor, only blood satisfies them. In many cases, a lack of cold, hard evidence isn’t even enough to deter them. Rumors, word of mouth, and the word of witnesses whose credibility is questionable gives the government all the ammunition it needs to take a life in cold blood, all in the name of “justice”. That’s absurd!

The execution of a human being who has been convicted of a capital crime is done, “supposedly”, because they are the worst of the worst; monsters with no redeemable qualities and unfit to remain in society. So, why are so many people on death row that have never been convicted of any other crimes and/or are able to live 15, 20, sometimes 30 years or more around nearly 200 other men without receiving so much as a disciplinary? The state argues that the nature of the crimes are so gruesome, heinous, atrocious, and cruel that the person convicted has forfeit their right to live. So, why are so many people waiting to be put down like a dog, by the state, for split-second shootings that were virtually painless, and for crimes of passion where the person was blinded and driven by pure emotions? That’s absurd!

No excuse can be made for a person or the government, to make it acceptable to take another’s life. But, there seems to be a double-standard where the state is involved. Webster gives a synonym for justice: fair. Is it fair that the state be allowed to murder people, based on tempered evidence and falsified statements, solely because ten or more people want you dead? That sounds to me like a modern-day lynching. That’s absurd!

Murder is wrong. Period. It’s wrong regardless of the reason or excuse, and it’s wrong regardless of who commits the act or how many people agree to it. Yet, all that seems to satisfy them is blood. If a person is found to be unfit for society, with no redeemable qualities, remove them from society, not the planet. If that person has redeemable qualities, like so many people on death row, why not remove them until they have been rehabilitated. But, how should any man that is created as our equal, in the name of the state or otherwise, have the authority to take that which has been gifted to us by the Almighty Father? Why would the majority of society condone this abuse of justice and give the right to take a person’s life, even their own to the government? That’s absurd!

Think about it!

last update: 11/19/2014