There’s a saying in Texas that, “everything’s bigger in Texas!” and the people will scream it from the tallest mountain. Well, with a statement like that, it leaves no room for error. So, if that saying holds true, the lies and deceitfulness in Texas knows no bounds!


As the death states continue to try to shroud their under the table dealings in secrecy bill after secrecy bill, Texas has just decided to start out right lying (they’re bigger there). The Attorney General there was not for the secrecy involving capital punishment, but recently changed his mind, as it was put out that, the pharmaceutical company they were getting their death drugs from, had been threatened in some way. Is it just me, or does Texas think, the whole world is naïve?! Remember Texas, “everything’s bigger there!” (naivety included)!!! It’s just a little too convenient (don’t you think??) that, as the death penalty, and all the underhandedness that goes with it, comes under attack from every angle (the pharmaceutical companies who provide the death states with their murderous poison, as well) and the secrecy bills become “more vital” since the poison well has begun to dry up that, “threats to the remaining (willing) poison pushers are magically surfacing.” However, no one can seem to trace “threats”, except for the secrecy bill supporters! The company that had been listed as supplying Texas with the drugs to keep its assembly line of murder up and running is also listed as the company having received threats, thus giving Texas the “excuse” it needs to try to maintain the secrecy around its death penalty. Yet, no one (not even some of the best investigative journalists out there) can find any trail of these “threats”. The law enforcement agencies in the area of the “so-called” threatened pharmaceutical company (city and county police) have no knowledge of any such threats. Which just is not logical. This company is “supposed” to have been in some way threatened, but instead of calling the local authorities to report said “threats”, they report it directly to the people who are fighting to keep the secrecy of their, and the great state of Texas’ death dealings intact. Really!?! This can’t sound logical to anyone that understands procedures. See, if this company had been “threatened”, and they thought the threats were real and vital, they would’ve called the local authorities, reported the threats, and took extra security measures, because they would’ve had a duty to protect the citizens living in the area surrounding the company. However, none of those things took place! Just like, those “magically, convenient threats” did not take place! But, for the sake of argument, let’s say, the company has received some threats for supplying death drugs to the state of Texas. Do you know how many threats a pharmaceutical company receives on a daily basis from animal rights activists (alone) showing their concern for the cute little bunnies and little white lab mice that, such companies do their “other” testing on!? Still they go about their business, not asking or needing to be protected by secrecy acts. Why then, do they need such a protection for participating in the murder of a HUMAN BEING?!


It’s just not logical. Think people, and open your eyes to the lies, deceit, and unfairness surrounding the death penalty. Those are the reasons for the secrecy!


Be blessed, be strong, be vocal!

Anthony Boyd


last update: 07/23/2014