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As the United States Supreme Court sided with the State of Arizona in the Joseph Woods case, and allowed his execution to move forward under the Arizona state secrecy act, they not only come away with blood on their hands also, but they left the door wide open for this question … “By siding with Arizona on the state secrecy act, does the United States Supreme Court come in direct conflict with the Freedom of Information Act?” The second part of that question is, “Or are they in essence rewriting the Freedom of Information Act, with that ruling in Arizona’s favor?” See, by siding with Arizona, the United States Supreme Court has in truth took it upon themselves to include corporate America’s practices as state/federal secrets.
Now, this is something society, attorneys, and the news media should want answers to, because it’s either a case of “BIG BUSINESS” gaining favor for all the favors it gives, so they can continue to peddle their death drugs to the death states, or it’s just another case of the powers that be circumventing the laws for their agenda, NOT JUSTICE!
No one agrees with the circumstances surrounding Joseph Woods case, and no one should agree with a man being tortured to death … for two (2) hours!! And, no one should agree with courts (no matter which court it is!) bending, breaking, and circumventing the laws to promote revenge!! Justice is not based on emotion! So, the highest court in the land, the keepers of the laws shouldn’t be helping the death states (being accomplices) to circumvent the Freedom of Information Act! Capital punishment is the ultimate punishment, and every facet of the process should be, needs to be, and has to be transparent. One innocent person convicted is, one too many! One innocent person executed is, one too many! One botched execution is, one too many! And, laws being bent, broken, and circumvented to allow these things to happen … Well, you get the picture!!
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last update: 09/17/2014