(will you be responsible for??)


Join us! Support us! Fight with us!


When, we first started this group, our website, and our facebook page, those are some of the words we put right up front to all of you, as we set out to make ripples in the fight against state sanctioned murder. See, we know that an onslaught of ripples can easily become a tidal wave. Our numbers have grown, and we thank those of you who decided to join us in this fight, and chose to let your voices be heard. Together, we’re making ripples. However, it’s not enough! As we continue making ripples, the death states continue to splash around in the pool. We have to grow our numbers. We have to spread the word of all the injustices involved with the death penalty. We have to continue to educate those being misled in fear, by morally bankrupt politicians who ride the bodies of executed HUMAN BEINGS to elections. We have to become a collective (a group of individuals considered as a whole), and be seen, and heard as such. Oklahoma, tortured a man to death, and the outcry was minimal, at best, considering all of the anti-death Penalty organizations in this country, and around the world. The outcry should have been louder. EVERY anti-death penalty organization should have taken to the airwaves immediately! The outrage! The horror! The torture! The total lack of human decency, for another HUMAN BEINGs torment. The powers that be, in Oklahoma, blame Clayton Locketts veins exploding, as the reason why this legalized murder went horribly-horribly wrong. However, once the people carrying out this murder in the name of justice knew something was going wrong, they could’ve stopped at any time, and yet they didn’t. They pressed on, determined to end this HUMAN EINGs  life, by any means necessary … and in their callous disregard for another HUMAN BEINGs suffering, a man’s mind, and body were put through 42 minutes of pure hell, and in the 43rd his heart exploded, just as they say, his veins did in the very beginning! That alone should’ve called EVERY anti-death penalty org. to make ripples. We all need to be able to come together as one, just as the pro-death penalty orgs. are able to do. We all have one goal, “end capital punishment.” They all have one goal, “kill-kill-kill,” and they stick together in trying to achieve their goal. We should also, because together we can become a tidal wave. How many ripples will you be responsible for?? Start talking to family and friends about the death penalty, and all the injustices surrounding it. No, it’s not an easy subject, but I’m sure, you’re strong enough to step outside of your comfort zone, when it comes to the inhumane treatment other HUMAN BEINGS are being subjected to. Speak out! Let your voice be heard, far and near! Take to the airwaves. Join us, or any anti-death penalty organization, that’s actually trying to be a part of the fight, that’s actually trying to make ripples!


As a great man (Dr. Martin Luther King) once said, “Injustice anywhere, is injustice everywhere … What is done to one of us, is done to all of us!”


So, to say you’re against the death penalty is one thing, to actually try to do something about it, is another!


So, I ask again, “How many ripples will you be responsible for???”


Join the fight!
Be strong, be solid, be vocal,
be heard, be diligent, be active,
be involved, be educated, be informed,
be prepared, be OPPOSED, be blessed.


Anthony Boyd


last update: 07/28/2014