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Push the Reset Button, Alabama!

Does this look familiar to you? You run your computer, search the internet, play some games, click a sketchy link, and suddenly all breaks down. The computer hangs, and there is no way to get it work again than to push the reset button. Rebooting is the only way to get the failed system running properly again.


Now transfer this to the situation in the US justice system, especially the death penalty system. Would anybody deny that this system is totally broken? It is characterized by arbitrariness, misconduct, corruption, racism, and discrimination against minorities and the poor. The bad result range from unfair trials to flagrant misjudgements, through to executions of innocent people.  


Other than a computer which strictly follows logical rules and does not accept any inconsistence, the man-made justice system is fallible, but yet can be operated despite blatant flaws. There is no corrective that automatically stops the system due to improper handling.  


To make things worse – those running an apparently broken system refuse to adhere to the flaws and mistakes and instead undertake everything possible to shroud the deficits. With all available means they try to keep a rotten, dying system alive. They tweak legislation, fiddle about with the rules, and sometimes even bend the law. In order to not get caught in unlawful actions, they occasionally withhold information from the public and keep dubious procedures a secret.  


So does Alabama. The State refuses to set its new adopted execution protocol out, obviously with good reason. The only revealed information entails the drugs they plan to use for executions. This new three-drug-combination has neither been tried nor has it been reviewed by any court, but the use of midazolam hydrochloride as the first drug has led to botched executions earlier this year in other States, with inmates suffering a painful death. But this is nothing that would bother those responsible. They keep to the wrong track, come hell or high water, making things go worse and worse and worse… Where will it all end? 


Alabama, there is no more time to waste. All attempts to keep a broken system alive – be it with tricks, be it with abnegation of the reality - are doomed to failure. It is just a matter of time. Take the chance to become a leader, and start with a clean slate now. Push the reset button, Alabama!




last update: 10/22/2014