What Happened to True Justice??


Despite the compelling evidence of this man’s innocence, Troy Davis was still put to death in Georgia’s death chamber; Sept. 21, 2011.


What happened to true justice?


And, what ever happened to the prison system, being a place to rehabilitate the wrong doers of today’s society? Kenneth Young’s case; After serving fifteen (15) years on a (straight) life sentence, a Florida judge openly admits that, the defendant “has been rehabilitated”; in the defendant’s re-sentencing hearing. But, then goes on to say that, “it’s not enough”, and then gives Mr. Young thirty more years. Aren’t prisons built to reform its prisoners, and to prepare them for society again?!


What happened to true justice?


Why aren’t these prosecutors charged with attempted murder, when they clearly break the law to get a capital conviction and the death penalty?


Cameron Todd Willingham, was executed in Texas, in 2004. His conviction was based largely on testimony given by an inmate, and forensic evidence of arson; that both prosecutor and defense attorneys now agree was seriously flawed! And, as if that wasn’t enough, it was later found out, the prosecutor had arranged for financial help, and promised a sentence reduction for the inmate’s testimony against Mr. Willingham, although he knew it would be “false testimony”. Also, modern arson investigation, suggested that the fire was an accident. (A free man, the prosecutor is, while the innocent man is now dead!)


What happened to true justice???


Open Your Eyes, World!


Jordaan Créque


last update: 10/29/2014