This is a special notice that’s being sent out in support of our fellow anti-death penalty friends and supporters in California.




IN NOVEMBER, 2016 – California, will be faced with two competing death penalty initiatives.




A measure to repeal the death penalty has already qualified for the ballot, thanks to the hard work and dedication of anti-death penalty organizations in California. However, there’s still much work to be done, and they could use all of our help. California, has the largest death-row in this country, and to have capital punishment become a thing of the past there, would be a win for us all. So, what we have to do is, reach out to our friends, family, and associates in California, and encourage them to vote, vote yes on proposition 62. Reach out to those we know who are abroad, that have voting rights in California, and encourage them to vote, vote yes on proposition 62.




The second measure, is a measure of the oppositions making. It’s a proposition designed to counter proposition 62. We cannot let this proposition pass. We have to help our friends defeat proposition 66.




Proposition 62 is to repeal the death penalty in California. VOTE YES!




Proposition 66 it to counter proposition 62. It would call for the state courts to decide
                             death penalty cases within 5 years, and would cut down appeals.


  Vote no!




Only the referendum measure with the most votes will get passed.




In 2012, a similar initiative (to proposition 62) failed 48 % to 52 %, even though repeal supporters outspent opponents 18 to 1, according to the Secretary of States Office. That means, the money was there, the support was there, but the votes weren’t. What will be needed in November, 2016 are the “yes” votes to push proposition 62 over the top this time, and avoid what happened in 2012.




The repeal would save about $150 million annually, including $50 million for the cost of appeals, according to a November report from the California Legislative Analysts Office. In a state that’s on the verge of bankruptcy those millions could certainly be better spent helping the living than trying to use it to kill the already incarcerated.




For more info:            Please contact Mike Farell, President of the Board of Taxpayers for
                                   Sentencing Reform.