America the Barbarian

         There are bodies piling up in the name of justice; justice carried out by the government of the United States of America. When they say “justice”, I read “revenge”, and when I say “carried out”, I mean executed. What exactly is “justice”? There are many definitions and one could quibble over the textbook meaning, but Oxford Dictionary has it defined as, ”the quality of being fair and reasonable”.

If we didn’t use a dictionary and instead looked to our government and its leaders to show us what justice is, what example would fit the description of fair and reasonable? Is justice when our officers, who sworn to protect, choke a man to death in the street for selling loose cigarettes? Or, is it justice when we use medieval torture techniques on foreigners accused of terrorism, who haven’t even had a trial, and call it “enhanced interrogation techniques”? Is justice when we execute our own citizens like lab rats? And, if this isn’t justice, can one claim that the same country who has the quality of being “fair and reasonable” also has the quality of being barbaric and using ruthless tactics like “enhanced interrogation”?

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. Calling it by another name doesn’t change what it is, and injustice is an injustice, torture is torture!

By Dantes

last update: 03/30/2015