~ I’m Not Sure ~

Being that, I’m not well versed in the Bible, I’m not sure whether people who call (represent) themselves as Christians are supposed to be spewing such venomous hatred. I’m not of the “Good Ole’ Boy Southern Christian Society”. So, I’m not sure, if they use a different bible from everyone else, or if they’re seen differently in Gods eyes.
I do know that, some of the things I’ve read and heard from such good Christian, up standing citizens following the tortures of Clayton Lockett, and Joseph Woods are terrible. I’m talking horrible things, you’d expect to hear out of the mouths of those men who were tortured. The very men, those good Christian people labeled as monsters.
“He got what he deserved!” “I hope he suffered!” “I don’t care if we feed them to lions!” … etc. … etc. Read some of those horrible quotes for yourself, and you tell me … Who’s the monsters!
I’m not sure …


Anthony Boyd




last update: 10/01/2014