The Will of the People

     We often hear that the death penalty is the will of the people. Though now in 2014 support for the death penalty has declined, the majority of American citizens are still in support of this practice. I often wonder exactly who are the people that are being polled to reach these statistics? In my opinion, most know very little of the death penalty and its process. I think in the mix of politics and fear-mongering, we have forgotten about the will of God!

We swear on the Bible in court to tell the truth, our currency bears the words “In God We Trust” on it, and use our religious beliefs to verify our morality for social standing. But, in the process of taking another human life, we throw God out the door! Some disturbed supporters of the death penalty even going far enough to say “kill them all and let God sort them out”. Aren’t we using our religious beliefs only when it is beneficial? Would not this be considered a blasphemy? Is I okay to plot a person’s death for 15 – 20 years, to kill them for killing, in order to then say “thou shalt not kill”?

I think it’s quite safe to say that the will of God I not to kill to show killing is wrong. We continue to do so though and wish mercy on the soul of the condemned, how ironic! Who am I to judge though, lest I be judged right? I can only plant the seed in hope that it roots and brings about change.

“God freely gave us mercy, why can’t we give others mercy?”
      – Joel Olsteen


Fact: Capital punishment goes against every religion. Although isolated passages of religious scripture have been quoted in support of the death penalty, almost all religious groups in the U.S. regard executions as immoral.
(Source: Death Penalty Focus)

In Love and Peace
Nicholas Acklin
Z 648/N1-07A

last update: 12/18/2014