Yes on 62

No on 66




To our supporters with California connections, we wanted to inform you of the death penalty propositions that will appear on the ballot in November. The measure to repeal the death penalty is titled “The Justice That Works Act” and will be prop 62 on the ballot. This initiative will replace death row with life without parole, require inmates to work and pay restitution to their victim’s family and would save the state $150 million each year.




The competing measure with the misleading title “California Death Penalty Reform and Savings Act of 2016” will be proposition 66 on the ballot. CDPRSA, or prop 66, attempts to preserve the death penalty by speeding up the process, by forcing state courts to decide death penalty cases within 5 yrs.




Our HOPE is that every voter in California goes into the voting booth educated and aware. Help us spread the word and clean up any confusion about these 2 competing measures.




Yes on 62!


No on 66